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Child Sense: Staying connected with your children during co-parenting holiday …

Posted by on Monday, 4 June, 2012

Child Sense: Staying connected with your children during co-parenting holiday …
News from Kansas City Star:


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Updated: 2012-06-04T10:10:16Z

Co-parenting during the summer holidays can bring more concentrated time with your children, but it can also mean less time overall. Parenting plans are often split, with a month with Mom and a month with Dad. This can be difficult for both you and your children as they are used to seeing you more regularly. Help stay connected by following a few tips specific to their dominant sense

Tactile children respond to physical memories. You might give your budding sportsman a new basketball, to play with while you’re apart, to help them feel close to you. A teddy bear they can cuddle is also a tactile way to “be there” when you can’t be. Just because you’re not there with them, doesn’t mean you still can’t put together Lego sets or play dress up, it just means you will need to be creative. Buy two Lego sets, one for you and one for your child and make it together via video chat. The same technology can be used for playing doll dress-ups or even drawing together.Make sure your visual child has a nice picture of the two of you, and a small photo album containing photos of their time at…………… continues on Kansas City Star

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Parenting: No better fun than a backyard tent
News from Belleville News Democrat:

The tent is up in the backyard, which means summer has officially begun at our house.

It will probably stay up until school starts in August and then have to be tossed due to sun rot and rips from rough-housing.

We put it up last week and, from all indications, Boogie expects that thing to be her personal playhouse and new outdoors bedroom all summer long.

I’m fine with that, and thrilled that she wants to be out there “camping” as much as she can. We’ve done this in the past, and the tent really does stay up all summer. The first time we left it up, I was surprised how much she used it. I thought for sure it would be used a couple of times, then abandoned for something else when the novelty of it wore off.

What better thing for a kid to have all summer than her very own outdoor bedroom? How fun! We tended toward building forts in the woods when I was a kid, but a tent is probably even better than a fort. It’s already made, it’s waterproof and has zippers and rooms and windows and mosquito netting, which makes it that much better than a boring old log, rock and mud fort waiting to topple over at any moment.

She wants to have a girlfriend over this weekend to sleep out in the tent and have a bonfire and the whole nine yards that is camping. It would be the first “real” sleepover she has ever had. Sure, she has had friends stay over, bu…………… continues on Belleville News Democrat

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