In Tokyo, a single mother who works as an editor for HuffPost Japan rises at 5 a.m. each workday to pack a lunch for her teenage son before leaving for her office an hour later.

In British Columbia, a news editor for HuffPost Canada nurses her baby, while her husband makes breakfast for their toddler.

In Madrid, a HuffPost Spain editor and father of two school-aged girls says he has “chaotic” mornings. “We have to be relatively organized so that the girls, who must be at school by 9 a.m., are not late, but we don’t have a routine.”

In London, a blog editor for HuffPost UK is awoken before sunrise by the “a-goooooo” calls of his 5-month-old, who is “bored stiff of being in his cot and ready to start his day.” After about 15 minutes, “we buckle and bring him into the bed,” his father says.

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