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Use the holidays to collect a family health history

Posted by on Thursday, 8 December, 2011

Use the holidays to collect a family health history
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Holidays are all about making memories.

At family gatherings, relatives can’t resist sharing the latest joys and ordeals related to their work, children and, of course, their health. Oy! My sciatica!

But instead of making this a too-much-information moment, health professionals wish families used the holidays as a time to sit down and create a detailed family health history.

“We need to be more aware of our health history and control what we can,” says Dr. Robert Sanchez, a cardiologist at the Tampa Bay Heart Institute at St. Petersburg’s Northside Hospital.

From asthma and heart disease to cancer and pregnancy loss, some conditions are more likely to be found among relatives. Knowing exactly what killed Grandma or Grandpa doesn’t mean you’re going to get a certain disease. But it can identify a risk that might otherwise be overlooked.

An estimated 96 percent of Americans realize the value of such information, says a U.S. Department…………… continues on

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