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Trichy parenting: How I learned to try to see the whole picture that is my …

Posted by on Thursday, 10 September, 2015

Trichy parenting: How I learned to try to see the whole picture that is my …
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September 10 at 11:18 AM


Trichotillomania. It doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, now does it?

When my daughter first started pulling she was 9 and it was like a tornado of energy had ripped though her. She ran in to see me, panicked and breathless, blurting, “I’ve pulled my eyelashes out and I can’t stop.” Lost and totally out of my depth, I simply said, “They’ll grow back, don’t worry.” I couldn’t see the rest of the glacier approaching. I did what I could, cheered her on, kept track of what looked like growth and even applied a Latisse-style eyelash serum to help nudge her eyelashes along a little faster.

Weeks later, her brows went missing. She’s a light blonde so it wasn’t terribly drastic at first. Then, at Thanksgiving a friend asked me in passing “what’s up with her eyes?” I chalked it up to stress. I blamed school. I thought, “it’ll pass.”

Until it didn’t. Soon enough, her face was bald of any hair;…………… continues on Washington Post

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Parenting Shouldn’t Be About Self-Sacrifice, Whatever Your Income
News from The New Republic:

Since becoming a mother five years ago, I’ve been careful about how I discuss parenting with my childless friends. I try to avoid clich?s. I try not to describe it as a more noble and sacred act that I’m experiencing it to be. I tell them it’s fun; it can be like reliving my own childhood, playing a new role in each familiar scene. It makes me cry—and laugh—far more than I used to. It’s terrifying and interminable. And yes, I can imagine my life without parenting. And yes, I probably would trade it for the world, if presented the opportunity on a particularly frustrating day. But there’s one concept I’m especially hesitant to associate with my parenting experience: sacrifice. Though it’s long been a societal buzzword when discussing what constitutes good parenting, to me, sacrifice has always connoted regret, solemnity, and even martyrdom. However reluctant or difficult, the choices I make in order to prioritize my daughter are a kind of pragmatic barter.

Last weekend, I stumbled upon a new Buzzfeed video called, “Children From Black Families Reveal Sacrifices Their Parents Made.” In it, six black millennials recount the difficu…………… continues on The New Republic

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