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Amy Dickinson: Put daughter first in parenting situation

Posted by on Wednesday, 30 October, 2013

Amy Dickinson: Put daughter first in parenting situation
News from Detroit Free Press:

Dear Amy: Last year, I met my boyfriend. I became pregnant quickly in the relationship, and now we have a baby together. I was never completely satisfied with the relationship, but he was such a caring person that I’ve tried to see it through.

He has intense religious views that I just don’t share. He originally lived an hour away but has since moved in with my mother and myself, and we all take care of the baby.

I’m still not satisfied with the relationship. Anything physical is completely undesirable to me. He’s a good person, but he lacks initiative and any sort of drive to make himself better, even for our daughter.

He cares about us both deeply, but I just don’t have the feelings I think I should have for him. I also never wanted to raise a baby, but with so much pressure from him and his family I felt that there was no other way (I was interested in adoption).

I now love my baby girl with my whole heart but just can’t get past this distant feeling I have for him. I don’t want to tell him I feel this way because I think he would be crushed, but I also don’t want to spend my whole life not being entirely happy because of a slipup I had at age 20.

Should I try to stick it out or should I tell him the truth? — Wondering

Dear Wondering: Your primary and most important job is t…………… continues on Detroit Free Press

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Pizza proceeds to benefit Echo Park parenting group
News from The Eastsider LA:

Echo Parenting & Education, a long-time nonprofit that offers parenting classes, is teaming up with a local restaurant for a month-long Piece of of Pie pizza fundraiser.

During November, Mohawk Bend will give Echo Park Parenting & Education $ 4 for each of the specialty pizzas created for the fundraiser event. In honor of Echo Park Parenting, the restaurant created “The Kid Are Alright” pizza with braised fennel, goat cheese, parmesan and arugula.

Kim Pesenti, development and communications coordinator, says the fundraiser comes at a time of change for the group:

If you’ve ever driven by the United Methodist Church on Saturday morning, you probably have seen many families gathered around the entrance. Until a few months ago, Echo Parenting & Education had been holding weekly community parenting classes at the church, in both English and Spanish.

Formerly the Center for Nonviolent Education and Parenting, the nonprofit was started by longtime Echo Park resident and activist, Ruth Beaglehole. The nonprofit offers a wide array of parenting and professional programs that address the broad spectrum of challenges that families face, whether it’s ending physical violence in the home, seeking alternatives to…………… continues on The Eastsider LA

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Poverty, parenting linked to child brain development

Posted by on Tuesday, 29 October, 2013

Poverty, parenting linked to child brain development
News from Reuters:

NEW YORK | Mon Oct 28, 2013 4:41pm EDT

NEW YORK (Reuters Health…………… continues on Reuters

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The Language of Life: Mash-up parenting
News from News & Observer:

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